The Full Story

Enova Residential all started with a vision of how can we make the world a better place. One that we would be proud to leave behind for future generations. 

Wild Pond


We strive to improve the world by restoring the balance between green spaces and living spaces. We respect life; the environment, water, air, plants, animals, & humanity.

We work to develop products that lead to environmental and technological change through innovation.


At Enova Residential, we strive to build homes for our future, Homes that are livable, beautiful spaces, energy efficient, and affordable.


All  Enova Residential homes are specifically 

designed to be part of their surroundings.

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Net Zero Homes

  • Cost less to own 

  • Are built to last 

  • Are ultra-high quality

  • Will maintain long-term value better than traditionally built homes 

Q. What is the BC Energy Step Code?

British Columbia has a goal for all new buildings to be Net Zero Energy ready by year  2032. The province has developed the Step Code system to specify the level of energy  efficiency in new construction. Today, some municipalities require Step 3 compliance but  by 2032, all new homes and buildings must comply with the Step 5 of the Code which establishes the requirements for a new homes or buildings to be Net Zero Energy Ready.  Our homes have been designed, built, and tested in full compliance with Step 5 of the BC Energy Step Code. Therefore our homes are Net Zero Energy Ready.


Q. What is a Net Zero Home and how is it different to a Net Zero Ready Home? 

Net Zero Homes are defined as high performance homes that produce as much clean energy as they consume on a yearly basis. Net Zero Homes are extremely well built with extra insulation, high-performance windows, and excellent airtightness to minimize heating and cooling needs. Appliances, lighting, and mechanical systems are all energy efficient. Net Zero Homes use renewable energy systems – commonly solar – to generate electricity and will put back into the electrical grid any excess to offset what has been demanded from the grid.

A Net Zero Ready Home is designed and built to the exact same efficiency standards as a Net Zero Home, Step 5 of the BC Energy Step Code in this case. The only difference is that in a Net Zero Ready Home the renewable energy system (i.e., solar panels) has not yet been installed. However, everything has already been designed and constructed to easily put the solar panels in place. Think of Net Zero Ready Homes as wired for its future renewable energy system, so that when the homeowners are ready to reduce (maybe eliminate) their annual energy bills, solar panels can be installed.

Q. Why does it make sense to invest in a Net Zero  home?

Investing in a Net Zero or Net Zero Ready Home means not only embracing an energy efficient future but also living in a more comfortable and healthier home. These types of homes:

  •  Reduce the impact to the natural environment by reducing the emissions of energy-related pollutants to the air, water, and land.

  • Are much better designed and built to meet the energy performance requirements established in the BC Energy Step Code.

  • Significantly reduce energy-related costs and protect against future energy cost increases

  • Are more resilient in that they can continue to provide shelter during power failures, as they need very little energy to remain warm due to much higher levels of envelope insulation than a traditional house and a robust continuous air barrier that minimizes air leakage. This Enova Residential House has a high efficiency wood burning stove that keeps the house warm in case of a power failure

  • Provide greater comfort and a healthier living experience by including superior heating, cooling and fresh air ventilation systems, as well as superior glazing.  These systems provide even temperatures throughout the house, better indoor air quality with less allergens and asthma triggers such as dust and pollen, and less outside noise. Our Enova Residential house includes a very energy efficient air heating, air cooling, and ventilation system, as well as super energy efficient Windows and Doors that are triple glazed and triple sealed made in Germany

  • All appliances and lighting fixtures are energy efficient. Our Enova Residential House has LED lighting throughout as well as high efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified appliances. 

A quick word on Energy Efficiency and  Net Zero Energy levels of performance:

Net Zero Energy levels of performance can only be achieved by reducing the amount of energy used to run the house and making the most efficient use of the energy actually consumed. Even a house equipped with the latest technologies and built using best practices will fail to achieve Net Zero Energy performance if its occupants do not pay attention to how they use energy. This includes temperature settings for space heating or cooling, settings for hot water, and number of electronics, appliances, entertainment centres and other energy-using devices that are plugged in and used. Even the way lights and hot water are used will impact annual energy use and the ability to meet Net Zero Energy objectives